Meg Brown's Bio
Meg Brown has been riding since before she could walk. She is an Equine Canada Certified Trainer, which encompasses excellence in dressage and jumping training. Meg grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the south of France. She was introduced to the fine art of vaulting at the age of 8 as well as training and competing in dressage in the south of France near Avignon where her family resided until she was 12. The valuable insight she learned has carried on for her 20-year training career.

Meg's purpose as a horse trainer/equine communicator is to break down the language barrier between horses and humans, and with patience and understanding, build up human/horse communication to enable the rider to understand a horse's body language and be able to communicate with them effectively to create a partnership between horse and rider. When the horse enjoys working with the rider, the unity and trust erases the barrier between the species and allows open lines of communication to take hold. "Pressure," "domination," and "stress," for the horse or the rider can be prevalent in the world of Dressage. Meg's philosophy is that these methods will never work in creating a free, enjoyable, and creative relationship between the horse and rider.

In Meg's words: "At 15, I was studying under a Grand Prix dressage trainer with my Polish Arabian Mephisto. In order to pay for board and training, I started Mega-Arte Dressage for kids. I discovered that on a practical level, there was a great need in this age group, and on a personal level, working with kids was great for me. I started teaching small children from 2 years up on Mephisto. I focused on private instruction, so as to focus on the one-on-one connection between horse and rider. I began with lead-line dressage for kids, and 16 years later, am still continuing on this path. By the age of 17, I was teaching dressage to adults and was Equine Canada Certified at 19. My approach is simple. By building trust, confidence, and understanding, horses and their rider can come to the agreement of patience and respect for one another. As the saying goes, there are many roads to Rome. As a trainer, I offer the benefit of my wisdom and knowledge gained from my own life experiences spending years working with humans and horses of all ages, sizes, and characters. I look forward to working with you!

Assistant instructors Helen Johnston and Paula Bisset are current students of Mega-Arte Riding Academy. Both are CPR and First-Aid certified and assist in instruction, camps, and parties.

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