Our free pastured chicken eggs for sale

M.A.R.A is now proud to sell cruelty free farm fresh eggs@ $ 7.00 per dozen from our organically fed happy hens.

The dark yellow yolk is from Mega Arte free running chickens – big difference!


 What makes are egg yolks yellow?

The carotenoids in the hen’s feed make the yolks yellow. They are found throughout the natural world, in fruit and vegetables for example, and are easily recognized by their yellow to orange-red color. The greater the quantity of these colorful substances in the hen’s diet, the stronger the shade of the yolk is. The carotenoids provide the basis for vitamin A.

When it comes to mother hen’s chicks, healthy birds only hatch if the yolks are provided with sufficient carotenoids. So yellow yolks are always a sign of happy hens.